Keywords or Keyphrases Optimization

What is Keywords or Keyphrases -  About Keyword and Keyphrase Optimization

A Keyword or Keyphrase is a word or phrase – typically a phrase of two or three words – which has been identified as one which potential customers use when they are searching the internet. In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ‘keywords’ play vital role. Search engines would list and rank your site based on the keywords you have used and the keywords user enters to search. Example: If you site is about Travel Information, you need to use keywords related to it – travel writing, documentation, travel content etc.

In order for the search engine indexes to offer your web page as a relevant result to searching customers, this word or phrase MUST appear visibly in your site and ideally in the source code of your web page.


The first step in a search engine optimization campaign is to choose your keywords or keyphrases for each of your web pages. Keywords are the terms that search engine users type in the search box to conduct a query. The right keywords are those that:

1. clearly describe the purpose and content of your site, and,

2. allow your site to show up as close to the first results page as possible.

A good position doesn’t depend only on your choice of keywords. It also depends on how well do you position those keywords in your web page, and how many quality external pages link to you. Look at carefully and write down the words and phrases that best define your site. Try to form two or three word phrases, since competition for one-word keyphrases is fierce, and it is virtually impossible to get a top position for them. That is why, we should think about keyphrases, not only keywords.

Key words are VERY important. And when optimize keywords or keyphrases, think about keyword density & keyword stuffing issues so that it should be only use white hat seo ways and regardless of other techniques we use, you must have the right keywords! This is one of the most important SEO factors that work for rank your page high in search engine result page.

Get very specific and keep in mind the content of the page you’re working on. Write down as many keywords as possible that might be used by your target market in a search. Then pare the list down to the two or three that are most important and relevant to the page you’re working on. REMEMBER, one keyword or phrase is best. You can include more, but additional keywords tend to dilute the importance of your main keyword / keyphrase. If additional keywords relate specifically to the major keyword, that can enhance the value of the main keyword.

Once developed your list of potential keyphrases you need to analyze the demand and supply for those keyphrases, and choose the best ones (those with good demand and not enough supply) for your site.

Todays search engines are using advanced, complex algorithms. These advanced search engine algorithms undoubtedly form the basis for effective search engine optimization. So, before you do any type of SEO or search engine marketing, you have to understand your target audience and know exactly the search terms ( Keywords or Keyphrases ) they are using.

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