Information About Reciprocal Link

What is Reciprocal Link – About Search Ranking and Reciprocal Links

A link is the connection between to two things and when referring to websites a reciprocal link is the connection between two websites. Usually this is done by each web site having a hyperlink that leads visitors to the other web site. Most web sites have link pages where these reciprocal links are found.

One of the most important aspects about a reciprocal link is that it is an agreement between two sites. Each web site agrees to display a link to the other. They directly benefit both sites because they help to increase traffic and have an effect on search engine rankings.

The main point of reciprocal links is to link to quality websites. This is important because a site owner will want to link to places that are popular and have a good search engine ranking so the link can boost their standings as well. However, using reciprocal links is something that is not easy.

Reciprocal linking is one of the accepted methods adopted by webmasters to build traffic, increase link popularity and improve page rank. It is a known fact that in recent times search engines have begun to place more importance to one-way inbound link and consider it to be superior to a reciprocal link. It is also known that search engines do appreciate reciprocal links if the links are from quality theme related websites.

Note: Having a high reciprocity percentage is thought to be a red flag that the engines can use to devalue your links. The math is simple. If 100% of any site’s inbound links are reciprocal, then those links can’t really be trusted as an indicator of quality, because it could simply be a case of “you link to me and I’ll link to you”

Sometimes search engines treat reciprocal links as a process of manipulation. Search engines can easily identify which sites link to whom and thus reciprocal links can be easily identified and are counted little. On the other hand, one-way links are considered to be natural links and not an attempt to manipulate rankings anyway.

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