Link Popularity & Web Linking

What is Link Popularity – Know About SEO Web Linking

Search engines determine the relevancy of your website with regard to the number of websites to which your site is linked. How many pages show the search results? That is the question. More the number of pages, more the visibility and audience.

Search engines are not only interested in knowing the content of your website which determine if you are a match for a search. They also look at the content of your website to see that if you are a match for a search. They also look if other websites that can validate by linking. Not only that, the importance of the website connected to you also gives an edge.

Some Useful Link Popularity Strategies:

* Guest Blogging – Search sites related to your industry, services or products and draft an informative blog article that the site will feature on their website. Each post includes backlinks to your website or other online properties.

* Press Releases – Make sure you get the most out of new product/service announcements by linking to appropriate landing pages

* One Way Link Requests – Search complementary and related businesses who’s existing visitor portfolio would benefit from your products/services

* Local/Industry-Specific Directory Inclusions – Try to get your website listed in the most relevant, highly visited business directories

* Social Media Marketing – Generate buzz about your products, services and discounts through targeted social bookmarking strategies

* Local Citations & Optimization – If your business depends on local customers, use Google Places (Google Maps) positioning and also show up in more places those customers are looking online.

Without any doubt, one of the most critical areas used by the top search engines to attach importance to a webpage is link popularity. Google, specifically, had devised its own method for arriving at this importance ranking. The name of this system is Google Page rank.

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