About Internal Link / Internal Linking

What is Internal Link / Internal Linking

Internal link is that link which you have a link on one Web page of your site, and you point that link to another page internally on your own Web site. There are many reasons why you want to link internally:

* It helps the search engines crawl your site by following links
* It helps your readers and customers who may want to read related material
* It associates related pages together
* You can associate key words with specific pages
* A high Page Rank page can be linked to a lower Page Rank page to help it along (more on that tomorrow!)

Internal links are also very useful to you when you’re trying to get your pages ranked for various key phrases. For search engine marketing to succeed, good internal link architecture is essential. Not only does it create a consistent user experience that will make your end users happy, it ensures you are taking the right steps to be seen by search engines. Being seen is the best way to grow your online business.

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